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Our motor insurance policy is one of the best cost effective motor policies in Sri Lanka. This includes many attractive and modest benefits under 3 categories. Thus that many banks, finance and leasing companies accepted our motor policy as a part of their leasing process.

Third Party Liability

Third-party insurance covers accidental damage to the third party property or Death or bodily injury to a third party by the insured vehicle. So, this means that the insurance will also cover the third person who may have underwent an accident or have incurred some loss due to the accident. The policy is different in a way that it does not cover any damage which could have done to your vehicle. The law mandates that for every vehicle purchase it is compulsory to have third-party insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy or Package Policy

A Comprehensive package policy as the word signifies complete, offers extensive protection due to accidental damages to both parties involved. It provides coverage to vehicle against, damage to the vehicle, theft, natural disaster along with coverage against third party liability for body or property injury by insured vehicle. Though this is not a mandatory policy, however it is advised to have a comprehensive coverage for once vehicle to safe guard self from financial burden arising in case of an accidental damage to your car or to third party

Cashless Claims

With cashless car insurance, you do not have pay upfront for the repairs at the network garages of the company. Here the insurance provider will settle the bills with a workshop on your behalf. However, is important that the damages are covered in the insurance policy.

Reimbursement Claims>

In reimbursement claims, you are required to pay for the repairs of the vehicle damage. Later on, based on the policy terms, the company makes a reimbursement claim. For this, you will have to submit repair bills and receipts with the company.