"Kedella" Home Solutions

With KEDELLA, you know what’s precious to you, it's in our safe hands.

Your dream home is built on your sweat and tears. It is the cornerstone of your happy family and any damage to it can cause havoc in your life.
So, will you leave it to chance and let all your hard work and hours of planning be in vain? Or would you rather continue living the worry-free, blissful life you and your loved ones deserve? After all, worrying about the unexpected is not your job. It's ours.


Protect what makes your house a “home”

Risk management recommendations by qualified risk engineers.

Round-the-clock customer service

Offer a wide array of coverage options


  • Fire & lightning
  • Explosion
  • Natural perils (including but not limited to…)
    • Cyclones, storms, tempests
    • Floods
    • Earthquakes (Fire & shock damage)
    • Tidal waves and tsunami caused by earthquakes and /0r volcanic eruptions
    • Typhoons
    • Tornadoes
    • Hurricanes
  • Aircraft Damage
  • Impact Damage (By external vehicles or animals)
  • Malicious Damage (If riot & strike cover is purchased)
  • Bursting & overflowing of water tanks, apparatus & pipes
  • Riots, strikes & civil commotions
  • Terrorism

  • Total Loss: Total sum insured will be paid
  • Partial Loss:
    • Building and fittings: Up to 80% of the sum insured is payable for damages to the building and other structures such as garage/s, gate/s, and boundary wall/s.
    • Contents: Up to 20% of the sum insured is payable for damages to the contents such as furniture & electrical/electronic equipment

    • Alternative accommodation expenses cover
    • Consulting fees - architectures & surveyors fees.
    • Damage to deeds
    • Removal of debris
    • Additional expenses in case of property damage

    • Electrical Extra Cover
    • Burglary & House Breaking
    • Personal Accident

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