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Hi we are Co-operative Insurance,

Co-operative Insurance Company PLC, incorporated in Sri Lanka in 1999. Licensed as a company authorized to carry out insurance business, under the Control of Insurance Act No. 25 of 1962 as amended by Act No. 42 of 1986 (presently replaced by Regulation of Insurance Industry Act No. 43 of 2000). We are one of the leading insurers who provides Innovative insurance solutions covering across all lines of businesses as the third largest network in Sri Lanka.

In 1999, Co-operative Insurance Company PLC (CICPLC) was established by the co-operative movement with great prospects. More than 2 decades and numerous overcomes later, CICL is one of the largest and fastest growing companies in Sri Lanka.

As a customer centric and people driven organization, we inspire our stakeholders to be proactive, innovative and our utmost convenient solutions sets us apart from other orthodox entities in the industry.

CICPLC's main focus is to build and develop a secured future, through simple solutions for all our stakeholders, furthermore CICPLC is an active member of the United Kingdom's International co-operative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF). The federation is a global community of 120 co-operative Insurance Companies from 65 countries worldwide. The ICMIF supports its members through Reinsurance, Training, Consultancy, Research, Department, & Publications.

“To be an organization that will stand "united" with its customers to the very end”

"To be ever mindful of the need of our customers and thereby make "true protection" via the provision of innovative, yet affordable insurance solution which confirm to the highest ethical and moral standards"

  • R - Respect - Respectful when REACT
  • E - Ethical - Ethical when REACT
  • A - Accountable - Accountable when REACT
  • C - Commitment - Committed when REACT
  • T - Trust - Trustworthy when REACT
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