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Miscellaneous Insurance

At CICL, we understood the need for diversity. Thus, we offer a range of tailor-made solutions covering a wide variety of insurable segments.

Bankers Indemnity

Covers various risks such as burglary infidelity cash-in-transit, personal accident & etc.

Burglary Insurance

Covers loss of any article or money by violent & forcible entry to the premises.

Fidelity Guarantee

Policy designed to cover funeral expenses

Children Policy

Covers death & permanent disability due to accident or extended to natural death also for children.

Glass Insurance

Covers the breakage of glass plates due accident.

Live Stocks Insurance

Covers the death & permanent disability of cattle


Covers loss of money due to hold up or forcible means during a transit.

Pawn Broking Insurance

Cover loss of jewelry, by means of hold up or forcible, violent entry into premises.

Personal Accident

Covers Death &, disability due to accident.

Public Liability

Covers liability arises to the persons other than the employees & owner due to the negligence of owner or his employees.

Bid Bonds

Bid bond issues for the construction or supply tenders.

Performance Bonds

Issues of bonds for the performance of construction & supply to institutions.

Advance Bonds

Issue of Bonds for the purpose of releasing Advance to Contractors.

Loan Guarantee Insurance

Covers the balance amount of loan, due to death & permanent disablement of the member.

Surgical & Hospitalization

Reimbursement of the hospital bill as per policy conditions

Professional Indemnity

Covers the liability arises due to negligence of professionals such as doctors, engineers, accountants’ insurance brokers & etc.

Coop Sarana

Personal Accident cover with funeral expenses for low income people

Dambadiva Vandana policies

Covering the travel for Dambadiva Pilgrims.

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